The Beloved Queens Podcast

The Waterloo... After the “I do”

March 29, 2021 Tina Matherson, Claudia "Trina" Lewis, Veronica Grey Season 1 Episode 5
The Beloved Queens Podcast
The Waterloo... After the “I do”
Show Notes

For so many women, walking down the isle is a lifelong dream.  They have planned every detail of this momentous day. Yet, too often, they are only focused on preparing for the wedding day, but when it comes to preparing for marriage, that eludes them. That’s when the rubber hits the road! The Queens are no exception, they found out the hard way that the fantasy in romance novels, story books and movies are simply a script of someone's imagination.  Never will queens find their kings and ride off into the sunset.  After the ring is where the journey begins. Tune in for this riveting conversation.  And leave your ratings and reviews on Apple Podcast, and Podchaser.  Follow us on social media at the Beloved Queens for additional content.

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