The Beloved Queens Podcast

The Broken Heart that Broke the Curse

May 03, 2021 Season 1 Episode 10
The Beloved Queens Podcast
The Broken Heart that Broke the Curse
Show Notes

The universal instruction that every parent teaches their children is make good choices.  But sometimes as adults when life throws unexpected blows, some people go into autopilot and make a lifetime judgement, like "I will never love again because someone broke my heart!" That one encounter with heartbreak, disappointment or rejection can leave us feeling stuck in a dark place, and instead of finding our way out, so many are living in a grave of hurt and pain.  But if you go back to the instruction to make good choices, it leaves the door open for individuals even in the face of trauma to make a completely revolutionary choice; one that can break generational curses in a family's lineage.  Join the Queens as they discusses how one choice to love again changed the trajectory for the next generation.


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