The Beloved Queens Podcast

Eps 3 - What's killing you slowly?

January 31, 2022 Tina Matherson, Claudia "Trina" Lewis, Veronica Grey Season 2 Episode 3
The Beloved Queens Podcast
Eps 3 - What's killing you slowly?
Show Notes

Some vines are parasitic in nature.  They connect to a tree, grow with the tree and even becomes one with the tree.  The whole purpose... compete with the tree for light,  so it can kill it!  How many of us have become one with the vines of heartbreak and the entanglement of unforgivenes that we have no intention of releasing?  The queens share their own stories of heartbreak, entanglements and how they overcame it.   May any one who is hurting, find release and freedom from today's podcast.

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Host:  Claudia Lewis, Veronica Grey, Tina Matherson
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